We’re happy to announce our feature Testers Hiring is now available to everyone. With this implementation, we aim to solve the challenge of finding testers for your Maze.

Apart from using Maze with your own testers, which will always remain an available option, you can now access our own panel of testers who can complete missions and test your prototype.

Addressing important pain points

Since day one, we've been witnessing the struggle to find testing participants for your Maze. This gets even more amplified when you’re a freelancer or startup with no established customer base to turn to.

Testing your design at the prototype phase ensures you receive valuable feedback that you can use to iterate faster and design better. By performing usability testing with real users, you're able to back up your design decisions with data.

Testers Hiring with Maze

With Testers Hiring, we’re reducing the entry barriers to quantitative user testing by making the feature available on every plan. Starting at $2.4 per tester, anyone can get their Maze tested in no time.

Hiring testers is available right after sending your Maze live. Order amount starts at 5 testers as a minimum requisite to get valid results. You can choose to order up to 1000 testers per Maze. The price of testers decreases with volume.

To find out how many testers you need to get an accurate statistical representation, we recommend the Sample Size Calculator from SurveyMonkey.


Additionally, you're also able to choose testers based on the following demographic criteria:

  • sex: all, male, or female
  • age: from 18 to 70

If you want to know more about recruiting your testers with Maze, please read our documentation.

You can also purchase tester credits to order testers from the Maze panel. You can use your credits across all your projects and Maze tests at any time. One credit is the equivalent of a result from a tester. Learn more about tester credits here.

Start Testing

We believe Testers Hiring overcomes a major roadblock in testing your Mazes.
If you have any questions regarding Maze, please contact us through the in-app chat on our website or email us at hello@maze.design.

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