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Announcing Testers Hiring beta

Our latest feature is now available in private beta: recruit testers for your Maze using our testers panel.

Announcing Testers Hiring beta

We’re happy to announce a private beta for our newest feature: Testers Hiring. With this implementation, we aim to solve the challenge of finding testers for your Maze.

Apart from using Maze with your own testers - which will always remain an available option - you can now access our own panel of testers who can complete missions and test your prototype.

🚨 Addressing important pain points

Since day one, we have seen the struggle experienced by our customers in finding testing participants. This is even more amplified when you’re a freelancer or startup with no established customer base to turn to.

Testing your design at the prototype level ensures you receive valuable feedback that you can subsequently incorporate into design iterations. By performing usability testing on your product’s design, you are able to back up your design decisions with factual data.

✔️ Testers Hiring with Maze

With Testers Hiring, we’re reducing the entry barriers to quantitative user testing making the feature available on every plan. Starting at $3.5 per tester, anyone can get their Maze tested in no time.

Hiring testers is available right after sending your Maze live. When ordering testers for your Maze, you’ll have to choose between 20, 50 or 100 testers per order. If you want to find out how many testers you need to get an accurate statistical representation, we recommend the Sample Size Calculator from SurveyMonkey.


🎯 Select demographics

Additionally, you are also able to choose testers based on demographics. Language, sex, and age are available as selection criteria. The filtering will become more complex with time - don't hesitate to reach out if you have specific filter requests, as we'll take your feedback into consideration for future updates.

For now, you will be able to choose between the following criteria when ordering testers:

  • language: EN, DE, PT, FR, or ES
  • sex: all, male, or female
  • age: a range from 18 to 70

If you want to know more about recruiting your testers with Maze, please read our documentation.

🔛 Sign up for beta access

We believe Testers Hiring overcomes a major roadblock in testing your prototypes.
If you’re interested in checking it out, please sign up here.

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