Today, we are excited to announce that Maze now supports Sketch prototypes. 🎉

We've listened closely to our community and implemented support for Sketch so you can test how the design of your project performs and iterate faster.

We believe in empowering all product teams with data at the design level - and now more of you will be able to test your prototypes with real users, gather actionable insights and finally settle design debates. No matter the prototyping tool you use - InVision, Marvel, or Sketch - we've got you covered.

Read on for details.

💎 Prototyping in Sketch

Ever since the release of its Prototyping feature, Sketch has made it seamless and easy to create a prototype. With Sketch Cloud, you are also able to share your prototype with colleagues, friends, and the world. As such, it paved the way for another essential step in the design process: user testing.

🤝 Getting Started

Testing your Sketch prototype is very easy. Start by importing your prototype to Maze.

Note: make sure your prototype has a public link before importing to Maze. You’ll want to set the sharing setting to Anyone with the link and people you've invited.


To import a prototype, go to your Sketch Cloud account and copy the link of the prototype you want to test. Next, open the Projects page in your Maze dashboard. There, paste the link of the prototype in the entry box and create a new project.

If you don’t have a Maze account just yet, set up one in a few simple steps or simply paste your prototype link directly on our website.

⚡ Create a Maze to Start Testing

In order to test your Sketch prototype, you’ll have to create a Maze. A Maze is a collection of missions - or tasks - that testers have to complete. Each mission consists of simple instructions for testers and the path you expect them to take, also known as the optimal path.


You can find more about how to create your first Maze in our documentation.

We are excited to hear your feedback, so do share with us your thoughts and experience with Maze. We’d also love to know which prototyping tool you want Maze to support next, tweet us @mazedesignHQ or contact us at

If you have any questions about testing your Sketch prototype or anything else regarding Maze, you can always chat with us via our live support option on our website. Happy testing!