Today we’re excited to introduce the all-new Smart Heatmaps in Maze. This is the first in a series of features that will allow you to get more insights from testing with Maze.

When you analyze quantitative user data, two things are essential. First and foremost, you should be able to learn how your designs perform at a glance. Maze gives you high level analytics that help you instantly know if a task is successful, or if you have to tweak your design and test again.

Yet you should also be able to take a deep dive into your data when you need to get to the heart of a problem.

With Smart Heatmaps, our goal is to expand on our initial functionality for click heatmaps and allow you to go even more in-depth into what users do on your prototype.

What’s in store

The new heatmap view is powered by what you want to see. You’re now able to get to the core of all user behavior better than ever before. Here's what's included.

Filter clicks and testers
You can now filter the clicks on a heatmap and get a breakdown of the order they occurred in on the screen. Similarly, you can choose the testers you want to display and see key details about a tester: duration, clicks, and misclicks.

This allows you to model your click heatmaps only to display the information you need for review.  

Filter clicks and testers on a click heatmap

More views
Now you can switch between Heatmap, Clicks, or Image view for a screen. And whenever something catches your eye—save an image to add to your custom report.

Switch between the Heatmap, Clicks, and Image view. And save images of all!

Click areas
Sometimes a heatmap says it all, sometimes you need to know more. Dive deep into a click area on your heatmap to view clicks, misclicks, and the order of the clicks in that specific area.

Creating click areas is simple: just click and drag on the screen, and voilà!  

Create and view click areas

New navigation
Ease of use is essential to us so improving your experience is one of our top priorities. Simplified navigation now allows you to easily move between screens, paths, and sessions when you’re on each of these views respectively.

Easily move between screens, paths, and sessions

Bonus tip: use your keyboard arrows to navigate between heatmaps:

  • to go to the previous or next path, session or screen
  • to move between screens when viewing a path or session. Try it out!

Screens tab
A newly added Screens tab is now available from your Maze dashboard. The tab displays all screens testers visited during a mission. When you click on a screen, you get the click heatmap for that screen independently of the path taken by testers.

New Screens tab 


We hope the new Smart Heatmaps helps to validate your ideas faster with more data points at your fingertips. You’ll be able to view exactly what users did on a screen and get to the heart of an issue faster than ever.

Thank you to all of you who submitted requests for this feature, helped us test, and gave us your feedback along the way. Keep it coming!

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